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Brics is a global platform for young minds to develop their technical, economical, and social skills to enhance their leadership potential

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Education For All - Need To Learn

WE develop this potential by connecting young people to global internships, workshops, seminars, conferences, training, research and development, and volunteering opportunities and roles within BRiCS.

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World's 1st TRD Platform

We help you to find a solution to a challenge. Every year 5000 Bricsians get internships around the globe from our global platform - TRD - "Training, Research and Development" with organizations ranging from multinationals to start-ups.

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How BRiCS Works

Join BRiCS, to enter into the elite class of professionals, and become a treasured alumni at BRiCS.


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Why choose us

We believe in inspiring generations by developing science. We deliver technology with the best infrastructural support and trainers.

Since 2000, we have created challenging environments where young people can connect to the world, have the confidence to learn, and have the freedom to fail, where they can discover what really matters to them and realize their potential for the future. BRiCS world's first TRD platform aims to provide you the best from the industry.

The Mentors at BRiCS are from colleges of National Importance; they have been trained from the best academia, and research. The mentors at the BRiCS also undergoes rigorous training to deliver the best. The mentors at BRiCS are certified in their respective verticals. They Mentors at BRiCS are mainly from the industry, and are at respectable positions working with various organizations around the globe. They also share their learning as well as their industrial hand.

We give young people the chance to see the world, because if you see the world, then you can start understanding it, and if you can understand it, then you can start changing it, that’s why we have committed to provide life changing techno-economical leadership experiences to millions of youth and when we add all those leadership stories together we see a truly remarkable impact in creating multi-dimensional technocrats.

BRiCS is dedicated to provide the best from the industry, and we constantly update and evolve ourselves with the latest trends of the industry. We help you to experience college level learning with real life experience. We believe in creating difference and challenging the status quo. The way we challenge the status, we believe in creating the best. We just happen to be the best in our industry since 2000.

Get Certified with the World's first TRD Global Platform - BRiCS. BRiCS certification is recognizable throughout the globe and are acceptable in many organizations. It is also taken as a token of research and learning in many of our partner universities and as internship experience in many of our associated organizations.

Be Proud to join the BRiCS Alumni forum. We are elated to state BRiCS has more than 15000+ alumni spread across the globe, and are working and studying with the top organizations of the world. Joining the alumni forum gives you an edge to be in touch with the growing technologies of the world. You get a lifetime membership to be a part of world first TRD platform.


We have some of the best experts from the industry and research.


Mentor: Digital Marketing

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Mentor: Big Data Analytics

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Mentor: Embedded Technology

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Rajiv Shankar Sinha

Mentor: IoT & Machine Learning

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Mentor: Complex Algorithm Design

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Learning with us is an interesting episode ! Keep yourself tuned for our future events. Join us, to live your dream, to learn you aspired for, and become the future leader of tomorrow. Join today, to win tomorrow.

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History has shown us what just one great leader can do, so imagine what a million great leaders can do. This is why we do, what we do! But it’s your world too, so how will you shape it?


We always believe in working and striving to provide excellence.

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success story

Some of our student quoted about their learning time and success.

“Training at BRiCS was my first experience in the field of embedded system and it was the best I can get. I attended the Advance Embedded just after my 1st year of my bachelor, so being a student who just competed his first year I thought it will be very hard but Rajiv Sir start everything from such a basics that it was very easy to get everything. The course structure is really nice which include almost all sensors you should to know to start you own project. I am still in contact with BRiCS Team and I feel blessed.”

Sawan Singh Master Of Electronics Engineering DET, Politecnico Di Torino Torino, Italy

“Brics was a great platform for me to start learning embedded systems. I was involved in 2 months winter training programme and was able to build various projects including led globe as one of them. I learned about various new technologies and was very helpful in my career growth. I was also invited for teaching programme which was very beneficial and I got opportunity to learn things which was literally unknown to me. Currently I'm working with Egain communications on a cloud platform and the coding techniques I got from here still helps me to write complicated code in a easy way.”

Ishu Jain Cloud Software Engineer, eGain Corporation, London

latest News

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Technology has a bigger appetite: Embedded Systems – You can be next Iron Man!

Technology has always been a fascinating mystery for us, and always has attracted the attention. An embedded system provides a space, a possibility, and a way to touch and build future. BRiCS since 2000 has romanced with technology on the dance floor of embedded systems...

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BRiCS introduces latest industry courses: Digital Marketing and Big Data Analytics.

The think head of BRiCS Mr. Rajiv Shankar Sinha and Dr. Hars Vardhana analyzing the latest trend of the industry and aiming to prepare technocrats for future has decided to launch two futuristic courses, Digital Marketing and Big Data Analytics. The Digital Marketing Course is comprises from bottom to top...

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